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Facial Laceration Repair
In New Orleans

What Is Facial Laceration Repair?

restoring function to the affected area

Facial lacerations are tears or cuts in your skin and soft tissue of your face and/or neck resulting in an open wound usually from some type of trauma. If deep enough, Facial lacerations can even cause nerves and muscles in your face not to work correctly, which can be very traumatizing. Facial laceration repair involves evaluating the injury, closing the wound, preventing infection, and, if possible, restoring function to the affected area. Because many injuries are complex or located in a sensitive part of the face, patients often choose treatment from specialists in the face who have extensive training and experience in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

What Are They Benefits of Facial Laceration Repair?

Restore Your Natural Appearance

The main benefit of facial laceration repair is to restore the natural appearance of the injured areas. Without proper closure, lacerations can heal unfavorably causing visible, unfavorable scarring. Lacerations should be repaired ideally within the first 24 hours to maximize healing.

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Am I a Candidate for Facial Laceration Repair in New Orleans?

If you’ve undergone trauma to your face or neck and have a laceration or possible broken bone, you should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon for likely repair.

Dr. Melancon is an experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who, in most instances, can repair your injury. You will need to come in for a consultation so she can examine your wound(s), establish your eligibility, and recommend a treatment plan. Contact Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery to get started on your facial laceration repair today.

What Happens During Facial Laceration Repair?

This outpatient procedure is normally done under local anesthesia, although general anesthesia can be used if the injury is extremely severe. Because lacerations vary from person to person in terms of their overall complexity and location, treatment time is different for each New Orleans facial laceration repair patient. It is important that a facial laceration is treated within a day to keep the infection from forming. There are numerous different surgical options utilized depending on the laceration type and complexity. New Orleans facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Melancon will discuss with you the ideal surgical approach and then will proceed with cleaning the wound then repairing the laceration.

Recovery from Facial Laceration Repair

Assistance with recovery after surgery

Recovery time is highly variable depending on the extent of the injury. In general, for smaller lacerations, you can expect the wound to be closed by about a week, at which time your sutures will be removed.

The scar will turn pink over the next few weeks and months as new blood vessels grow into the area, then it will thin and become white and much less visible. In addition, you should avoid any vigorous activities and excessive sunlight while the wound is healing. Sometimes, in complex injuries, future scar revision is required.

Results from Facial Laceration Repair

The results will vary greatly depending on what part of your face was injured and how.

You may also have to have more than one procedure to completely restore your face and create optimal results. Make sure to discuss any questions you have with Dr. Melancon, who will thoroughly relay what you can expect during the healing process.

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New Orleans Facial Laceration Repair Consultation

If you’ve undergone facial trauma from lacerations and are in need of cosmetic repair, Dr. Melancon can help repair your injuries. You will first need to call to book a consultation so she can examine you and create a customized treatment plan specific to your injuries and your features. We strive to deliver the best facial laceration repair New Orleans has to offer, so contact Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery to get started today.

Facial Laceration Repair FAQs

After you are numbed up with local anesthesia, you should not feel anything. Afterward, your wound and the surrounding areas will likely feel tender and bruised, which is normal after trauma to the face. Generally, You can manage any pain or discomfort with over the counter medication.

The cost of your laceration repair depends on its size, location and complexity.

At Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery, we know one of the most challenging parts of this process is the first step. We are a welcoming, restful place for you to come and learn about all the ways you can live life to the fullest and be the most beautiful you. Call or click to schedule a consultation to learn how you can breathe easy at Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery.

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