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What Is Otoplasty?

maintain symmetry

Also known as ear pinning surgery, otoplasty is a type of cosmetic procedure that alters the shape and/or size of your ears. Otoplasty can be done on just one ear, but normally the surgery will address both ears in order to maintain symmetry. Otoplasty can be performed on both adults and minors, particularly if you have noticed overly large ears on your child at an early age. Otoplasty does not affect the ability to hear, although it can improve the overall function of your ears. At Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery in New Orleans otoplasty is available to those who are unhappy with the size of their ears, those who feel their ears are too prominent, or those who suffered a trauma to the ears.

Benefits of Otoplasty

restoring your self-esteem

Otoplasty addresses deformities in the ears, such as ears sticking out from the head or appearing larger in proportion to the rest of your head. It can also correct a previous surgery you may not be happy with, or if you’ve suffered a trauma that’s altered your ears. Having prominent ears can be psychologically distressing to a child or adult who is teased about their ear size. The goal of otoplasty is typically to make protruding ears less noticeable by placing them closer to the head. In addition, you may find a new level of confidence and satisfaction with your appearance, thereby restoring your self-esteem.

Dr. Claire Melancon, New Orleans facial plastic surgeon

Am I a Candidate for Otoplasty in New Orleans?

Are you unhappy with the shape of your ears or feel they are too prominent?

You can set up a consultation with New Orleans facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Melancon, so a decision can be reached together regarding your eligibility. Ideal candidates are in good health and have realistic expectations for results. Otoplasty can also be performed on children and adults.

The Otoplasty Procedure

This is an outpatient surgery that averages 2-3 hours depending on your specific treatment plan. During your otoplasty New Orleans plastic surgeon Dr. Melancon will cut incisions behind or in the folds of your ear. Ear cartilage is then repositioned to the desired result using a combination of molding and suture techniques. Once done, Dr. Melancon closes the incisions with stitches.

If otoplasty is done for ear size reduction, then that usually involves removing some cartilage and possibly some of the earlobe. A surgical drain may be placed to prevent accumulation of fluid after surgery. Once the surgery is complete, the doctor will bandage your ears to keep the stitches from being disturbed. You’ll then be taken to a recovery room for monitoring as you come out of anesthesia.

Recovery from Otoplasty

an immediate difference in the appearance of your ears

You will be wearing bandages around your ears for 1-2 days after your surgery. Once they are removed, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the appearance of your ears. After this bandage is removed, you will wear a compression headband for at least a week.

There will still be bruising and swelling, which will fade over the new couple of weeks. Your stitches may need to come out after a couple weeks. Full recovery can range anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

Results from Otoplasty

Results from otoplasty are immediate. However, bandaging, bruising, and swelling can affect the final look. Your results are permanent, with the exception of unexpected trauma or damage to the sutures.

New Orleans otoplasty patient holding hair up

Your New Orleans Otoplasty Consultation

If you would like to reshape or correct deformities in your ears, whether they are genetic or the result of trauma, otoplasty offers you the opportunity to achieve more symmetry and balance to your ears. To get started, call or email Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation.

Otoplasty FAQ

If you have suffered a trauma to your ears that has altered how they look or if you have had a previous otoplasty and are unhappy with the results, or if you’re simply dissatisfied with how your ears look, then you may want to consider otoplasty. In addition, you may want to have otoplasty done on your child if you notice their ears sticking out at a young age, causing your child distress.

The cost for your surgery will depend on the specific procedures needed to produce the results you’re looking for. Please call the office for a specific quote.

There is some discomfort during the healing process, however it is generally well tolerated. You will be given pain medication to make your recovery more pleasant. You will also need to keep bandages on your ears and avoid putting pressure on them, particularly during sleep.

While it is true you may have incisions, they will be made behind the ears and remain very hidden from view. The scars from these incisions will also fade over time. Keep in mind that not every kind of otoplasty needs incisions, in which cases there will not be any scars.

Non-surgical otoplasty or ear pinning with methods utilizing molds or tapes are effective in infants and younger children, but are known to be less effective in adults, as our cartilage becomes more rigid with age.

At Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery, we know one of the most challenging parts of this process is the first step. We are a welcoming, restful place for you to come and learn about all the ways you can live life to the fullest and be the most beautiful you. Call or click to schedule a consultation to learn how you can breathe easy at Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery.

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