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Facial Implants
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What are Facial Implants?

implants with specific designs

Many people find that they are not completely happy with certain features on their face, from the size of their chin to the prominence of their cheekbones to the shape of their jawline. In some of these cases, facial implants may be an option to reshape facial features.

A facial implant is made of specially-formulated synthetic materials such as silicone that are compatible with human skin tissue. They are placed deep under your skin and tissues along your bone so that they are not visible. There are many different kinds of implants with specific designs depending on the part of your face you would like augmented as well as the amount of augmentation desired.

The most common facial implants are chin implants, cheek or submalar implants, jaw implants, and temporal implants. If you are wanting increased projection or width of your chin, more prominent cheekbones or more full cheeks, more defined jawline, or less temporal wasting, an implant can be a great option.

What Are The Benefits of Facial Implants?

Implants are a permanent solution

Facial implants can augment and restore loss of volume in areas of the face such as the cheeks and temporal area. Many times, as we age, we lose volume in these areas and the surrounding skin can tend to droop, causing hollowness. Implants are a great, permanent option to restore lost volume. Facial implants can also add definition and structure to areas like the jaw or increase the size of the chin.

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Am I a Candidate for Facial Implants in New Orleans?

To determine if an implant is right for you, you will need to schedule a consultation with New Orleans facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Melancon to review your eligibility and candidacy. She will examine you and discuss which type and size of implant that would work best with your features. Contact Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your appointment.

Chin Implants

A chin implant is designed to increase the size or prominence of a recessed chin and make it more proportionate with the rest of the face.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants add volume to your cheeks and add contour to your cheekbones.

Jawline Implants

Jaw implants can make your jaw wider and more angulated and defined, which can create a more balanced profile and defined separation from the neck.

Temporal Implants

Temporal implants are made of flexible, soft silicone and placed in the temples on the side of your face beneath the soft tissue to add fullness to your temples and get rid of unwanted hollowing that can happen with age.

The Facial Implants Procedure Overview

You usually will only need local anesthesia

Most New Orleans facial implant surgeries are outpatient procedures that last about 1-2 hours. However, it can be longer if you have other treatments at the same time.

You usually will only need local anesthesia to numb the target area and/or sedation, but you may need general anesthesia depending on your specific case. During the surgery, Dr. Melancon will create an incision to insert the implant and place it on the corresponding bone. Once done, she will suture the incision closed.

Recovery After Facial Implants

Your healing time depends on which implant(s) surgery you have, your age, health, and how carefully you follow doctor instructions.

After surgery, you will have swelling, bruising, soreness, numbness, or a combination of these conditions. It may also be difficult to move your face the way you normally do as your skin and muscles adjust to the implant. This is normal. It can take up to a week to return to your regular daily activities, but you will need to stay away from any vigorous activities for 4-6 weeks.

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Your Facial Implant Results

Because of swelling, the full results may not be obscured until that fades, but you will notice the difference in your face become more visible as you heal. The results of a facial implant are both long-lasting and immediate.

Dr. Claire Melancon facial plastic surgeon in New Orleans

Your New Orleans Facial Implants Consultation

To get more information about the various implants offered at Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery, you will need to call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Melancon. In your consultation for facial implants New Orleans facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Melancon will discuss what you want to have done and review the various procedures, as well as recommend a treatment plan customized for your needs.

Facial Implants FAQs

If you want to address areas of your face that you feel does not fit with the rest of your features, or if you have had an accident and want to restore a certain area of your face, then facial implants can provide a solution to both of these cosmetic and medical concerns.

The price changes based on what kind of facial implant you get and if you combine it with other treatments. In these cases, there is financing available, so make sure to ask about it during your consultation if you think it will be needed.

This really depends on what kind of implant you have, as some are inserted inside the nose or mouth and are not visible. However, the doctor makes sure to place all incisions in locations that minimize their appearance, such as in the natural folds of the skin. Any resulting scars will thus be hidden, and they will continue to fade over time to near invisibility.

At Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery, we know one of the most challenging parts of this process is the first step. We are a welcoming, restful place for you to come and learn about all the ways you can live life to the fullest and be the most beautiful you. Call or click to schedule a consultation to learn how you can breathe easy at Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery.

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