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Buccal Fat Removal
In New Orleans

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

Provides volume and fullness to your cheeks

Also called cheek reduction surgery or a buccal lipectomy, buccal fat removal is a type of procedure in which your buccal fat pads in your cheeks are removed, resulting in a thinner, more contoured face. It is a safe, quick surgery with minimal recovery time and no external incisions. Buccal fat removal is perfect for people who feel they have chubby cheeks, round faces, or baby cheeks. We all have a pocket of fat that lies in the middle of your cheeks below your cheek bones. This is known as buccal fat, which provides volume and fullness to your cheeks. In some, the buccal fat pad can be oversized, contributing to the extra roundness of the cheeks and face. As a result, you may feel that the extra fullness makes your face look too round. If this is bothersome to you, you may be a candidate for buccal fat removal in order to contour your midface, giving better definition to your cheekbones.

What Are They Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal?

A Desireable & fuller face

While in some, a fuller face can be desirable, sometimes rounded or full cheeks can cause you to lose definition. By targeting the fat pads inside your cheeks, the stored tissue will be reduced, resulting in a slimmer face. Buccal fat removal can create higher self-esteem and restore confidence in your appearance.

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Am I a Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal in New Orleans?

An ideal patient for buccal fat removal has long standing “chipmunk cheeks” or “chubby cheeks” that do not change much with changes in weight.

Before you can schedule surgery, New Orleans buccal fat removal patients must first be approved to undergo the procedure. Ideal candidates are at a stable weight, in good health, and nonsmokers. They should also not have any medical issues that may cause complications during surgery. To learn more about the procedure and determine if you are an eligible candidate, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Melancon. We strive to deliver the best buccal fat removal New Orleans has to offer, so call Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery and schedule your appointment today.

The Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

This simple surgery will be performed as an outpatient procedure under sedation or under local anesthesia. After you are numb or sedated, she will make a small ~2cm incision on either side of the inside of your cheeks, right by your upper molar teeth.

The buccal fat pad is then gently extracted, trimmed, and removed, based on your anatomy. New Orleans facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Melancon then closes the incision with dissolvable sutures and repeats the procedure on your other cheek. The procedure itself generally takes under an hour to perform.

Recovery After Buccal Fat Removal

Everything you need to know about recovery

There will be bruising, soreness, and inflammation after the surgery. You can apply cold compresses to help speed the healing process and reduce the overall discomfort. The swelling should begin to fade within 1-2 weeks, although swelling can take up to 3 months to completely subside. Some people take longer to heal than others. You will be instructed to eat a soft diet for several days after the procedure, then you can resume your normal diet after that.

Your Buccal Fat Removal Results

Because of the initial swelling, your face may appear puffy, with a rounder appearance than you may have expected. However, as the swelling fades, you will begin to notice a thinner appearance in your cheeks, causing your face to appear more contoured and defined. Final buccal fat removal results can take up to 3 months to become fully visible.

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Your New Orleans Buccal Fat Removal Consultation

Contact Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation. If you are interested in getting fat removed from your cheeks and want to know more about buccal fat removal, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Melancon. She will conduct an exam, review any medical concerns, and create a treatment plan unique to your needs.

Buccal Fat Removal FAQs

If you are uncomfortable with how full your face looks, particularly due to the size of your cheeks, and think they make your face look out of proportion, then buccal fat removal can correct this issue by removing fat to reshape and recontour your face into more symmetrical proportions. There is no ideal time period to get buccal fat removal, however ideally you should be at a stable weight, and not anticipating excessive weight loss or gain.

Due to the sensitive tissues inside the mouth and the location, you will likely experience mild to moderate discomfort after the anesthesia fades. However, these tissues also heal quickly, so any pain will quickly subside, and you can take pain relievers to help alleviate the tenderness.

No. This is because the incisions will be made inside of your cheek, keeping them from being visible. The tissue on the inside of your mouth heals differently than your skin, which should ultimately leave minimally to no noticeable bumps or lines on the inside of your mouth.

The cost depends on the length of time needed to remove the fat and whether you decide to combine this surgery with other procedures. As buccal fat removal is an elective cosmetic procedure, insurance companies do not cover it and you will be responsible for the cost. You can ask about financing plans if you think you need one during your consultation.

At Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery, we know one of the most challenging parts of this process is the first step. We are a welcoming, restful place for you to come and learn about all the ways you can live life to the fullest and be the most beautiful you. Call or click to schedule a consultation to learn how you can breathe easy at Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery.

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