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Upper Blepharoplasty
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Bright Eyed and Boldly Confident

The eyes are the center of focus on the face and have been described as the “windows of the soul.” Of course, they supply one of our primary senses, but we also use them to connect with people and express emotion. Sometimes, aging can change our eyes in a way that makes them appear dull, tired, or droopy, and it can greatly affect confidence during that connection. An Upper Blepharoplasty in New Orleans can reinvigorate your eyes and give you back a more youthful, vibrant look.

What is an Upper Blepharoplasty?

An Upper Blepharoplasty revitalizes the eyes by removing excess sagging skin and minimizing the fat around the eyes. Sometimes referred to as upper eyelid surgery, this procedure can remove tiny fat deposits around the eye as well as heavy skin to produce a youthful and refreshed result. Upper blepharoplasty specifically addresses hooded eyes, excess wrinkles, and pooching fat pockets. In some cases, drooping eyelids may be so severe that it can even cause vision obstruction, which can also be corrected. The procedure involves making very delicate incisions in the creases of the eyelids, removing or adjusting excess fat and skin, and then precisely closing the incisions with sutures.

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What are the benefits of an Upper Blepharoplasty?

Drooping eyelids can cause you to look tired or drowsy, along with appearing aged. Upper blepharoplasty can help bring a youthful, vibrant, more awake appearance to match the way you feel on the inside! Our New Orleans Upper Blepharoplasty patients see great benefits, including:

  • More youthful, vibrant appearance
  • Natural looking results
  • Results that are long-lasting or even permanent

Who is a candidate for an Upper Blepharoplasty?

Typically, candidates for the Upper Blepharoplasty procedure are seeking to correct excess skin and heaviness of the upper eyelid, hooded eyes, or signs of aging in the upper eyelids. Generally, candidates should be in good health and understand the possible risks and likely outcomes of this procedure.

Consultation and Preparing for an Upper Blepharoplasty

Dr. Melancon will take time during a consultation to learn about your specific aesthetic concerns and goals and will craft a detailed treatment plan to ensure that you are fully informed about each step of the procedure.

Preparing for this surgery may include lab work if you elect to undergo anesthesia and possible adjustment of medications, including any blood thinners.

Upper Blepharoplasty Procedure

In most cases, when eyelid surgery is the only part of a treatment plan, it is performed under local anesthesia in the office, with minimal anxiolytic therapy. If sedation is desired, the option is available to patients to receive the treatment at the surgery center.

If other procedures are included along with the Upper Blepharoplasty New Orleans patients may require the use of general anesthesia or sedation as well, but this will be determined during a consultation. The surgery starts with precise incisions that are designed to reduce the visibility of any scarring. Dr. Melancon will then skillfully remove and reposition excess tissue, skin, or fat and close up the incisions with great care. Upper blepharoplasty usually takes around one to two hours.

New Orleans Upper Blepharoplasty Model with blonde hair

Results, Aftercare, and Recovery

After your surgery, you can expect to see some minor bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort. These typically resolve within a week, and following your surgeon's care instructions, which include regular icing of the area, will help to relieve discomfort and swelling.

Patient recovery times will vary, but many feel comfortable going back to work or resuming full daily activities after around 10 days to 2 weeks. Vibrant, final results can typically be seen at about six weeks once all residual swelling has subsided.

Why choose Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery?

Board-certified and exclusively trained New Orleans facial plastic surgeon Dr. Claire Melancon has an adept attention to detail and uses an expert blend of technical skill and artistry for each procedure she performs. Dr. Melancon understands that personal connection plus superior patient care go hand-in-hand with premier aesthetic outcomes and is committed to being present throughout your recovery journey.

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Upper Blepharoplasty FAQ

This surgery is typically associated with only very mild, temporary pain or discomfort and can typically be addressed using over-the-counter pain medications.

Our New Orleans Upper Blepharoplasty is usually performed using local anesthesia in the office, though sedation is an option if desired. If it is combined with other procedures, such as facelift or brow lift, then general anesthesia may be used.

Risks with an upper blepharoplasty are rare, especially in the hands of a skilled surgeon. Potential risks with any surgery can include bleeding, infection, or unanticipated scarring.

This procedure’s results are typically very long-lasting and may be lifelong depending on each patient's particular rate and signs of aging.

Please see our pricing section for upper blepharoplasty pricing estimates.

At Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery, we know one of the most challenging parts of this process is the first step. We are a welcoming, restful place for you to come and learn about all the ways you can live life to the fullest and be the most beautiful you. Call or click to schedule a consultation to learn how you can breathe easy at Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery.

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